Morphtronics Edit

Morphtronics are a powerfull archtype that can be used in 100's of ways. My morphtronic deck is still in the process but it is still useable.

Gameplay Edit

There are many ways that Morphtronics can be used. They can be used to win while in defence position the whole duel or you can use equip cards to power them up. I will explain many differant combos that can be used with a morphtronic deck.


When you have these 5 monsters on the feild in defence position you are garunteed to win a duel with in 5 turns. When you have 2 morphtronic Magnens on the feild your opponent cannot attack any of your monsters, this will save your 2 Datatrons and Clocken. At the end of each turn, if morphtronic datatron is in defence position you opponent will lose 300 life points. When you have 2 your opponent will lose 600 life points. after 5 turns your opponent will have 4800 life points, provided everything goes the right way. Now after 5 turns you already won thanks to clockens effect. Clocken gains 1 morph counter each turn while its in defence position. You can tribuite clocken and your opponent will lose life points equal to the number of morph counters on it X1000. After 5 turns that will be 5000 which means you win.

This combo can be done in a couple of different ways as long as you have 2 datatrons and a clocken + another form of a lock. The 1st look is the same as the one above. Magnen-Datatron-Clocken-Datatron-Magnen is not the only way to win in 5 turns after you get these monsters on the feild. There are some easier but more risky ways to win.

1- Boarnen-Boarden lock with 2 datatrons and a clocken

2- 2 datatrons equip with double tool c & d each and clocken

3- Morphtronic Bind 2 datatrons and clocken

Im sure there are more combos that use this style of dueling, if you have another combo includeing clocken and datatron then e-mail me at

Another way morphtronics can be used is by attack your your opponent with powerfull morphtronics. You might be thinking, no morphtronic has more than 1200 attack how can they be powerfull?. Well, the equip cards that morphronics can use can make a 1000 attack 4 star morphtronic videon go from 1000 to 1800 attack easily. Syncro Summons are also very easy with morphtronics. Morphtronic scopen is a 3 star tuner monster. Its effect in attack mode allows you to spetial summon 1 morphtronic to the feild as long as you send it to the graveyard at the end phase. If you play scopen then play videon you have a 7 star syncro summon. Thats enough for Power Tool Dragon. Now for what Power Tool Dragon can do. Each turn you can take 3 equip cards from your deck, have your opponent chose 1 at random then add it to your hand. Also if power tool dragon is destroyed with an equip card then you destroy the equip card insteed of power tool dragon.

Morphtronics can be easily found in the new raging battle and anceint prophecy tins comming out August 18

If you have any more questions about morphtronics then e-mail me at

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