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Welcome to Yugioh Wiki

Yugioh Wiki is a wiki that will have amazing articles that will give you great tips to help you in the yugioh TCG card game!


July, 29

RAGING BATTLE AND ANCEINT PROPHECY TINS COMMING OUT IN ONLY 20 DAYS!These 2 tins will be out on August 18th. This is the day to go out to the store and but the tin. It is recommended to go in the morning because they will be sold out by the end of the day.

Tin Contents:

2 advance packs of Ancient Prophecy; this is the only way to get an ancient prophecy pack before its released in September.

2 packs of crimson crisis

1 pack of raging battle

1 Power Tool Dragon or Ancient Fairy Dragon; It depends on the tin you choose to get

Plus there are rumors going around that the new tin should have a bonus; 1 pack of yugioh 5ds card sleeves!More information about the tins will be posted in the coming days!______________________________

New articles! We will be working on new articles. Each time we finish an article we will list it here along with a short description about what the article is about.

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